Driving Sustainability in South Jersey to benefit our collective future.


Our mission is to Inspire personal connections to South jerseys ecological resources, promote environmental education and serve as a nexus for community engagement.


Mission Goals (Outcomes):
  • Set the direction and blaze the path for SSJ.  Our active board members meet once a month and usually take on small tasks requiring 2-4 hours each month.
  • Increase the numbers of South Jersey residents, businesses and community and governmental organizations that prioritize sustainability as a pathway to ameliorate environmental problems.
  • Increase the numbers of sustainability projects and programs and efforts in South Jersey that address these problems in a substantive manner.
How will we reach our goals?
  • Through partnering with and promoting South Jersey community and governmental organizations and leaders to enact environmentally positive practices and principles. (green teams, Sustainable Jersey, Green NJ, Food and Water Watch, CFET, etc)
  • By supporting action in South Jersey communities that forge a sustainable path into the future (SSJ Meetups, Blogs, Earth Festival, other events).
  • By providing financial and leadership resources to South Jersey individuals or organizations dedicated to advancing sustainability initiatives (grants, opportunity for leaders to present, etc.).

Sustainable South Jersey is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization.