Spring 2020 Photo Contest

Sustainable South Jersey (SSJ) this past  spring had weekly photo contests on Facebook. Each week a winner received a $50 gift card from SSJ. See the winners below.


Contest rules:

  • Photo must be taken in southern New Jersey
  • Photo must be good quality (no blurry photos, please!)
  • When submitting, please give us a description of your photo including the location and subject
  • Photos must be submitted by 12pm on the Sunday of the week’s contest
We will select the top 5 photos to share on our Facebook page. The photo with the most shares at the end of the week will be declared our winner. Shares will be tallied at 5pm each Saturday and winners will be announced on social media each following Sunday. In addition to the $50 gift card, SSJ will feature the winning photos on our other social platforms and our website.

Week 1 Voting
: 4/20/20 – 4/25/20
Topic: Nature appreciation
Deadline: 4/19 at 12pm
For this 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we’re celebrating the whole week with an ask for your best nature photo. We want you to share a photo of the parts of nature you appreciate the most, what inspires you to protect our Earth.

Weekly Spring Photo Contest – Week 1 Winner announced!

Name: Sandy Perlmutter

Location: Delanco, NJ

Description: Up close and personal, eye to eye (literally!) with a bee spreading pollen on a hibiscus flower in my backyard in Delanco, NJ. Seeing how much pollen can be on one bee puts it into perspective how important our pollinator species really are!
Week 2 Voting: 4/27/20 – 5/2/20
Topic: Sustainable Living
Deadline: 4/26 at 12pm
Share a photo of your sustainable living habits, whether it’s your favorite reusable water bottle or the rain barrel in your yard. Tell us why this habit is important to you!

Weekly Spring Photo Contest – Week 2 Winner announced!

Name: Sarah Thompson

Location: Hammonton, NJ

Description: In my home we use the same few stainless steel straws over and over to replace plastic or even paper. It is important because it not only saves us money, it saves the earth from the piles of waste that we would’ve added if we were throwing away plastic for years. Win win!
Week 3 Voting: 5/4/20 – 5/9/20
Topic: Wildlife
Deadline: 5/3 at 12pm
Share a photo of local wildlife such as birds, deer, squirrels, and even insects! Tell us where you saw your critter and any fun facts you may know about them.

Weekly Spring Photo Contest – Week 3 Winner announced!

Name: Joe Travia

Location: Winslow Township, NJ

Description: I have had a little Eastern Blue Bird visiting my yard the past few years and this past weekend I finally got a few decent photos of this adorable creature. The photo was taken in my back yard, at the edge of Winslow Township in the town of Waterford Works, on April 26, 2020.
Week 4 Voting: 5/11/20 – 5/16/20
Topic: Gardening & Landscaping
Deadline: 5/10 at 12pm
Share a photo of your garden or landscape project; tell us what you’re growing (and why). We encourage native plants that attract pollinators, vegetable gardens, and rain gardens for soaking up that extra runoff from your roof or lawn.

Weekly Spring Photo Contest – Week 4 Winner announced!

Name: Hannah Hanratty

Location: Mount Laurel, NJ

Description:This photo contains a blooming flower from my own bush that sits at the entrance of the driveway! This photo was taken just after it stopped raining one day, and it came out beautifully.