Clean, Local, Affordable Solar Energy is Here.


We’ve partnered with Neighborhood Sun to help bring you shared solar energy! 

NJ’s Community Solar program makes it easy to get solar. Read about this first-of-its-kind program in NJ.

  1. You will save 10% from your PSE&G bill each month.
  2. You can switch your residence to solar easily (renters are eligible!)
  3. No sign up or cancellation fees (cancel anytime).
  4. You get a $100 Tango gift card when you sign up through SSJ site.
  5. SSJ gets a $200 donation when you sign up.
Signups are nearly filled. Don’t miss our. Join now!

Signing up is easy. Earn a $100 Gift Card!

We've partnered with Neighborhood Sun to help bring you shared solar energy!
Every subscription ensures a donation is made to SSJ to help support our mission.
No solar panels go on your roof or property. 

Keep the same electric utility provider. 

Guaranteed savings on your electricity bill every month. 

Keep your wind or other green-energy contract/supplier. 

Additional benefits for underserved communities. 

No fees to participate!
"I believe in this program so much that I signed up my home (which is not well-suited for solar)."
Ed Cohen
SSJ Board President

Details :

  1. To qualify, you must live in Camden, Burlington, or Mercer Counties and have PSE&G as your electrical provider.
  2. You do not have to be a home owner or have a roof (as long as you pay PSE&G bills). This program is for residences only (businesses are not eligible).
  3. This Community Solar program is a different than signing up for a utility provider (you can do both programs together).
  4. Low income residents slots are currently full.
  5. Neighborhood Sun is a top ranked B-corporation (a company designed to balance purpose and profit).
  6. You are guaranteed 10% off PSE&G bill for the next 20 years.
  7. This solar panel project will be built on a NJ Delanco landfill.
  8. SSJ supports switching to renewable energy. This program is an easy way to help you do that.
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