Echinacea purpurea bees -- Michael Raby - Jersey Friendly Yards

Modernize your Yard (and make it more friendly to birds and pollinators)

Ed Cohen’s YouTube playlist of 1-minute videos to learn and get excited about making your yard more attractive to birds and pollinators.

Butterfly from Pinelands DirectTo Identify plants:

iNaturalist – Free phone app (Android and iPhone) to help you identify plants and wildlife

List of all plants in US by US Department of Agriculture allows searching but is challenging.

Pl@ntnet allows searching for plants

Buying Native Plants in New Jersey:

Pinelands Direct (online store)

Pinelands Preservation Alliance Spring Plant Sale

Jersey Friendly Yards – (complete NJ list)

Native Plant Society of NJ (complete NJ list)

Educational (and Entertaining) Links

Jersey yards – excellent website with information and links.

List of native plants and their time of blooming by Xerces society.

Best Native Plants for wildlife by National Wildlife Federation

Top 10 North American Native Trees that Support Wildlife gives information about nesting and birdhouses.

The Roles of Beneficial Insects in our Region 30-min video by Jennifer Bulava of Burlington County NJ Park System

Backyard Birding – PDF page of the 16 common birds in your NJ backyard (try to find them all!)

Doug Tallamy is a leader in the field of making yards support wildlife. Everything he does is recommended, but here are some highlights.

  • 1-hour Tallamy video Fascinating video (with lots of pictures and stories) about how and why to make your yard attractive to wildlife (talk starts at 2 minutes in).
  • Tallamy Books: He has three books. All are recommended.  (Press the “Books” button at the top.)
  • Bringing Nature Home Website (Doug’s Website)

Certify your Garden with Natural Wildlife Foundation and help others track home wildlife.