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Craft Beer Virtual Event

Event Summary

Relive the fun of SSJ’s Jan 20th 2021 beer tasting with Lower Forge and Flying Fish Breweries (and tasting led by two Brew Masters).  You can purchase the beers from Lower Forge and Flying Fish to taste while watching…

Click here to watch the beer tasting event video recording

Beers to be sampled (in order):
FF        Exit 1 Oyster Stout
LF        Healthy, Wealthy, & Weizen
FF        Exit 7 Pork Roll Porter
LF        Spillin’ Tea
FF        Exit 9 Redfish Hoppy Scarlet Ale
LF        Squeeze the Day
FF        Exit 16 Double IPA
LF        Downtown

We ran our beer tastings as FUNd raisers for our mini-grant program. If you’d like to contribute, please click here.

Flying Fish 4-pack: “greatest hits” of the beers we did for 18 exits of the NJ Turnpike:

  • Exit 1 Oyster Stout- This “export style” creamy stout features rich flavors of English chocolate and roasted malts that harmonize with a slight mineral character from the oysters.
  • Exit 7 Pork Roll Porter- We use actual pork roll in the boil to give hints of cocoa, maple and smokiness, heightened by the peat smoked barley in this dark brown porter.
  • Exit 9 Redfish Hoppy Scarlet Ale- Deep ruby in color, the nose is highlighted by aromas of orange and pine. The onset of flavor is characterized by hints of ripe citrus with a slightly bitter finish.
  • Exit 16 Double IPA- Six different hops go into this beer to give it flavors of mango, tangerine and pine.

Lower Forge 4-pack: 4-pack details

  • Healthy, Wealthy, & Weizen- A traditional German hefeweizen, or wheat beer style, with light body provided by New Jersey-grown wheat and a mellow character from a smaller touch of hops than American Pale Ales and a lively fermentation. One of our flagships, the first beer ever produced by us in 2016 and continues to be refined into the beer you drink today. Also, one of our entries into the 2021 New York International Beer Competition
  • Spillin’ Tea- An experimental beer concocted by our brewers to inspired by Peach Iced Tea brewed on a modified version of one of our session IPAs. Light hop character with a taste of Peach mash and tea leaves combine for a easy sipping afternoon beer. Additionally, the yeast in this beer is part of our ongoing work in creating a more sustainable brewing process – fermenting at a hotter temperature that does not require as much energy for cooling and certain brewing processes.
  • Squeeze the Day – Another flagship of ours – and this beer, upon its release in 2017, was our very first Radler in a now long line of highly popular releases. Winning the choice award at the 2017 Medford Lakes Brewfest, this beer also became the first beer ever packaging for retail sale in bottles and cans by our brewers in 2019 and continues to be a year-round favorite for its bright grapefruit & citrus character over a subtle malt taste provided by New Jersey-grown barley.
  • Downtown – When we opened, this was our third major release and continues to be a recipe that we continually refine to a beer that can pair with almost anything and fit almost any situation.  A combination of classic American Pale Ale hop character and our mix of New Jersey-grown malts from Rabbit Hill Farms also makes this a beer that we joke will win over any “big beer” drinker into craft.  We’ve developed this recipe into a family of beers including a previous Lager release, the original Pale Ale recipe, and this new recipe that uses our continuing brainstorming on sustainable brewing to ferment at warmer temperatures for after being brewed using a process that uses 2/3 less water than traditional commercial brewing methods.