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Beauty in Our Backyards

As we enter this spring in a global pandemic, things are feeling… well, weird. New Jersey continues to battle a growing infection and death rate from COVID-19 and our Governor has ordered intensified social distancing rules, including the closing of state and county parks until further notice. As a lover of nature and low-key exercise (my days of pretending to be into running are over), this news was pretty emotionally devastating. What would I do with myself if I couldn’t escape to a local patch of wilderness?

Though my trailblazing days are on hiatus, I’ve found subtle beauty in backyard ecosystems. I look outside of my home in Cherry Hill and see robins bouncing around the yard, groundhogs munching on dandelions, and a variety of weird insects scurrying about. Our suburbia is alive with wilderness we take for granted, and I think there’s no better way to honor it than soaking it all in and capturing moments through photography.

Look, I’m no photographer. Most of us aren’t. Maybe you own a fancy camera you decided to splurge on, and maybe you know exactly how to use it too; that’s the best cast scenario. But me? I find that my Galaxy S10 can capture delicate and intimate parts of the backyard nature in southern New Jersey just fine. That’s why we at Sustainable South Jersey felt it was just the perfect time to launch a public photo contest. Send us your best photos!

Aside from our photo contest plug, we really do believe in the power of nature. Spending just 20 to 50 minutes outside can make you happier, less stressed, and more creative. Sound like all of the things you need right now? Us, too.

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